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Field Day 2009


Field Day Results and Pictures from 2009:

Pictures via N1MIE.


Picture #1-We raise the 20m beam in preparation for Field Day 2009.
Picture #2-My screen house setup for one of the operating stations.
Picture #3-Here is the finished 20m beam setup, just finishing tying down the last of the guys.
Picture #4-Here is the VHF/UHF antennas. On top is a 70cm beam, then a 2m beam, and finally a 6m beam. All part of the "free" VHF/UHF station.
Picture #5-Jeff-N1ESA and Chuck-W1FJW operate on 80m using Chuck's G5RV shortly after the start of the operating period.
Picture #6-Larry-WR1B, Gary-WT1SND, and new member Rom (gotta learn the callsign) operate on 40m and 20m respectively. This is also early in the operation.
Picture #7-Amber and Ryan keep the annual bonfire going. This time we only made a small one, but it still make some great smores!
Picture #8-A look at the 20m beam from straight beneath. This is the morning of the second day.
Picture #9-Lowering of the 20m beam. This is quite a feat and is almost scary how far the mast bends. It takes careful coordination to keep it safe and make it successful.

And the Results!
I need to review my work, but the initial Field Day summary and analysis looks as follows.

A total of 29 people visited the site. 14 were RASON members (or became one during the event), 9 were unlicensed, 3 were under 18 years of age. The town breakdown was as follows:

Bozrah 2
East Lyme 1
Gales Ferry 1
Griswold 4
Groton 4
Lisbon 1
Norwich 10
Occum 2
Uncasville 1

A total of 236 contacts were made. 59 were CW and 177 were phone, there were no digital contacts made. The CW and digital contacts are worth double points, so the CW points were 118 and the phone points were 177. We qualify for a 2x multiplier because all of our transmitters operated under 150 watts. That makes a total of 590 points for contacts. The contact breakdown is as follows:

Rgn Contacts
1 62 missed ME
2 34 missed none
3 30 missed none
4 41 missed WCF,VI
5 4 missed AR,NM,NTX,OK
6 0 missed all
7 6 missed AK,AZ,EWA,ID,MT,NV
8 30 missed none
9 14 missed none
0 6 missed CO,NE,ND,SD
dx 0

Bonuses were a mixed bag. We far under achieved here. We made 850 out of a possible 4000 plus points. Here is a breakdown:

7.3.1 Emerg. Pwr. 300
7.3.2 Publicity 100
7.3.3 Location 100
7.3.4 Info Table 100
7.3.5 Msg to SM 0
7.3.6 Msg Hndlg 0
7.3.7 Satellite 0
7.3.8 Alt Power 100
7.3.9 W1AW Bltn 0
7.3.10 Ed Activity 0
7.3.11 Elected Off 0
7.3.12 Rep. Agency 100
7.3.13 GOTA Stn 0
7.3.14 Web. Sub. 50
7.3.15 Youth Part. 0

With the bonuses and the contact points, we total 1,440 points. By comparison, in 2007 we claimed 436 points for contacts (38 CW, 180 phone) and 1,190 points for bonuses for a total of 1,626. So two years ago we made fewer contact points but more bonus points. Our score is in the same range. I never submitted last year (accidentally), so I don't have data to compare for 2008.

-- Chip (N1MIE) - President & Newsletter Editor for RASON