Technician Amateur Radio License Course

Join the world of amateur radio by getting your Technician Amateur Radio License!  RASON will be sponsoring a Technician Amateur Radio License Course commencing September 8 and continuing through February 9.  The course will be held Wednesday Evenings at 7:30 PM on Zoom.  There is no fee to take the class, but registration is required to get access to the Zoom sessions.  You will need to purchase the Technician Amateur Radio License Manual from Amazon.  More details on the course schedule, faculty, purchase instructions for the license manual and how to register can be found by clicking here.  Be sure to tell your friends!

Club Meetings

Club meetings are held the third Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM, except for August and December.  Due to the pandemic, we will be holding our meetings on Zoom until further notice.  Zoom invitations will be sent out approximately one week before the meeting is to occur.  Please register at to receive Zoom credentials for our meetings.  Please stop by and support your club!

Technical Seminars

Our technical seminar this month will be Tuesday, January 25 at 7:30 PM on Zoom.  Please join the site to receive the Zoom link.  Mark KE1IU will present a seminar entitled "Life on the Top Band: 160 Meters".  Please join us to find out what it is like to work 160 meters.  Archived presentations can be found on the RASON server.  Join to receive login credentials or e-mail  Click here for our seminar schedule

Your Ideas Are Welcome Here!

RASON Welcomes your ideas for new investments we could make to increase our membership or to enhance our capabilities.  Enter your ideas here.

For Sale

Premium Amateur Radio Equipment For Sale

Check out this page to see equipment for sale from RASON and local sellers.  RASON periodically posts items for sale ranging from towers, antennas, radio equipment and accessories.  If you wish to list an item for sale, please contact

Mark Noe KE1IU

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Contact us at

Our officers are here to serve you - by coordinating activities, managing club resources and guiding the club toward growth - with the input of the membership at large.  Learn more about who we are at the link below.

RASON features repeaters on 2 meters and 70 cm.  Our repeaters are connected on Echolink and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Find the hidden transmitter!   Foxhunting tests your skill in radio direction finding and orienteering.  Our foxhunts cover a 20 square mile area, and we have both live foxhunts and hidden fox-boxes for you to find.  Come join us!

We have nets on a wide range of topics, including traffic handling, Morse code instruction, weather tracking, technical topics and general interest discussion.  Check out our local area nets and check in to one of them!

Our members have designed and built many cool homebrew projects.  Check out our project page to learn more and build your own gear and station accessories!

We have links to useful software for your amateur radio station.  Whether it is antenna modeling, Morse code training or digital modes, you can find links to external sites that will get you on your way to more functions in your station!

RASON is a very active club.  Whether it is foxhunting, VHF/UHF terrestrial all-mode work, field day, public service, nets, hilltopping or just socializing at a picnic, there is something for everyone.  Come join us!

Useful resources abound at this page: Links to other local area clubs, ARRL, AMSAT, Equipment manufacturers, suppliers, callbook servers, DX clusters and more.

Welcome to New Radio Amateurs

RASON created a New Ham Kit to help new amateur radio operators get oriented to the hobby.  Whether you are a newly-licensed radio amateur or someone who is returning to the hobby after an inactive period, check out our New Ham Kit.  It lists various resources within the club and externally to get you into amateur radio.  As ever, we are here to help.

Check out our New Ham Kit by clicking on the picture to the left.

RASON Mentoring Program

RASON has a mentoring program to help you get into new aspects of our hobby and to enable you to teach others.  To learn more about the program, click here.

Check out our Photo Gallery

RASON members enjoy many diverse aspects of the amateur radio hobby, and our club is here to support them.  Our photo gallery captures RASON members engaging in foxhunts, Field Day, our annual picnic, our auction and more.  Check out the photo gallery by clicking here or on the photo to the left.

Thank You to our Donors

RASON has been the beneficiary of several estates and individuals who have donated equipment and money to support our club.  Visit this link to find out who they are!