Payton Noe KC1IVR on a foxhunt during Field Day at Zagray Farm.

At the 2021 Field Day, RASON gathered at Zagray Farm in Colchester, CT.  Many hams were in attendance, and many activities were held for all who came.  This year, we had people of all ages come to Field Day – whether they were there to operate, eat food or chat with others.  One activity that was popular among the younger hams was an on-foot foxhunt.  In this activity, participants used direction finding gear to locate a hidden transmitter called the fox box.  In addition to the foxhunt, operators also had fun making contacts with people across the world.

For Field Day, making contacts is a major part of earning points, whether you are participating as an individual or with a club.  The object of Field Day is to make as many contacts as possible while doing so under “less than optimal conditions” (ARRL website).  In this way, operators can develop skills in emergency preparedness.  However, making contacts isn’t the only way to earn points.  Bonus points are also awarded for completing various tasks or challenges.  This year we received the following bonuses:  100% emergency power, conducting operations in a public location, making contacts with alternative power sources, youth participation, appointment of a safety officer, message origination to the Section Manager and NTS message handling.

RASON had multiple tents set up with stations so that all licensed operators had the opportunity to make contacts.  Some hams were even dedicated enough to stay overnight and get a jump start on making contacts Sunday morning.  Not only did Field Day have amateur radio related activities, but we also had a lot of good food, including steak, baked potatoes and corn made by Chuck NA1CN.  All in all, Field Day was a success in my opinion, as everyone had fun making contacts and talking to others.

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