Field Day

Summer Field Day is held each year in June.  RASON hosts a club station each year, and we typically have between 3 and 6 stations running across the HF bands using all modes.  Field day is an emergency training exercise with an element of radiosport.  Our score is computed based on the number of stations contacted across the world and the mode of communication used for each contact.  Bonus points are given based on increasing public awareness of amateur radio and special operating activities.  We also have a family cookout at the event.  Come join us the third full weekend in June.  More information can be found on in the Announcements section of our website.


RASON hosts an auction fundraiser each year - typically in April.  In 2021, the RASON auction will be held in October due to the pandemic.  Our auction features a wide array of equipment brought by local amateurs to sell.  You can typically find HF and VHF antennas, station accessories, HF and VHF/UHF transceivers, antique equipment, electronic parts and other items for the ham shack.  We also offer door prizes, a raffle (typically for an HT or other contemporary gear) and food concessions.  The auction is our principal fundraising event for the year.  Stop by and check it out!  Look at the announcements tab for further information in the spring or fall.


RASON offers foxhunts nearly every month when the weather is warm (April through November).  Live foxhunts occur within an announced area of Southeastern CT and utilize the repeater input frequency (146.130 MHz) or specific frequencies denoted by the fox.  Occasionally a starting point is announced, from which you are nearly certain to hear the fox transmissions.  Otherwise, start from anywhere in the area where the hunt is being held.  There are plenty of experienced foxhunters to help you get started - just mention your interest on the RASON repeater or send an e-mail to  Happy hunting!  Check out our Foxhunting page for further information.

RASON Picnic

Each year RASON hosts a family picnic in late summer.  This event encourages local hams and their families to get together for food and conversation.  It is a potluck format with RASON providing the main dish (usually hot dogs/sausages, hamburgers, etc.).  This is a great opportunity to connect with other RASON members outside the context of a business meeting or operating event.  Come join us!