RASON is beginning a mentoring program.  This program is designed to match people with experience in one or more aspects of the hobby with individuals who would like to be mentored.  Below, we have listed members who are willing to share their expertise.  You can look up their contact information on QRZ.com.  Alternatively, submit the form below to be matched to a mentor by our club officers.  You will then be connected through an e-mail of introduction and can continue the conversation from there.  This program is available to RASON members only.

RASON Mentors

Member Name


Subject Areas

Mark Noe


DXing, Digital Modes, Advanced Station Setup, Arduino Computing

Dave Thackston


Basic Station Setup (Transceivers, Antennas, etc.), HF Digital Modes (RTTY, FT8, PSK31, etc.), Basic Operating Practices (QSO Etiquette, getting on the air), CW (Morse Code) Operating, Foxhunting, DFing,

Kevin Harkins


CW, on-air and net procedures, and formal message handling